Tonne Bags

This versatile product is traditionally associated with the construction industry for the storage and transportation of sand and aggregate. Because this bag is our most popular product, we keep a huge quantity in our UK warehouse. This means we can easily fulfil orders of 1 bag or thousands. These bags are also used in the farming sector for the carriage of fertilizer, waste and agricultural products. You could even use them in the home, and especially in the garden for recycling and garden waste.


  • Made from high strength, lightweight, durable woven polypropylene
  • Size : 86cm x 86cm x 86cm
  • 1000 Kg Safe Working Load. Single trip use.
  • Heavy Weight Fabric
  • Four Heavy Duty Lifting Loops stitched to each corner. The four loops makes transportation easier because a forklift or grab lorry can safely pick the sacks up. It can be also used as a mini garden skip bin.
  • Flat bottom.
  • Open top
  • Reinforced hemmed mouth.
  • 5:1 Safety Factor. ISO approved. Fully Certified. Certificate stitched to each bag.
  • Colour : White
  • Unprinted

Available in:  Pack of 1, Pack of 3, Pack of 5, Pack of 10, Pack of 25, Pack of 50, Pack of 100, Pack of 250, Pack of 500

These bags are also commonly known as :
  • FIBC ( Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers )
  • One Tonne Bags
  • Ton Bags
  • Bulk Bags
  • Builders Bags
  • FIBC Bag
  • FIBC Bulk Bags
  • Jumbo Sacks
  • Jumbo Bags
  • Big Bags
  • Dumpy Bags
  • Dumpy Sacks
  • Rubble Bags

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